J.P. Nurseries is one of the largest propagators of clematis in Britain. We have just taken over at the nursery from Haybridge Nurseries. They had many years’ experience in growing clematis and prided themselves in supplying good quality plants. A tradition that we will proudly continue.

The ever-increasing demand for clematis has enabled the nursery to expand to its present day size of growing around 500,000 liners annually.

We grow well over 200 different varieties, in a good range of the large flowering varieties, with different colours and flowering times. Also a range of smaller flowering species which includes alpinas, cirrhosas, integrifolias, macropetalas, montanas, Texensis, viticellas etc. We are always adding new and old varieties to our list.

Propagation is done in the controlled environment of our glasshouse. The cuttings are all potted into 8cm pots, with intercept. They will then be pruned at least twice so they will have multi-stems when potted on.

Our aim is to supply the customer with bushy plants, so they have less pruning to do, which in turn speeds up the time between potting and selling.

Situated in the Midlands, we can easily deliver nationwide, by Danish trolley. Plants are supplied in plastic correx trays. This helps the customer to keep the plants watered until they are ready to pot them.

We can offer a complete propagation service. If you have a new or old variety of Clematis and you need the amounts increasing we would be very pleased to do it for you.

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The price depends on the number of plants ordered.

250 to 499: £1.40 each

500 to 4,999: £1.15 each

5000+: 0.90p each

Please order in multiples of 25 plants.

Total minimum order: 250 plants.

 Standard prices include delivery within England and Wales. Elsewhere the price will be uplifted to reflect carriage charges. All prices are exclusive of VAT.

Payment terms: All accounts to be settled within 30 days of the invoice date.

Problems: Any complaints must be received within 7 days of delivery or collection.






Generally, all year round. Below is our full range, and during the main part of the season, at least half are available at any one time. Please phone 07399 595 754 or use the contact form at the bottom of this page.



Floramedia labels now available @ 10p each.



Alice Fisk – colour: wisteria blue

Allanah – colour: ruby red

Andromeda – colour: semi-double white, pink stripe

Barbara Dibley – colour: petunia red

Barbara Jackman – colour: blue, petunia bar

Beauty of Worcester – colour: double, lavender

Bees Jubilee – colour: deep pink, rose bar

Best Wishes – colour: white, speckled purple

Black Tea – colour: deep purple, red bar

Blue Eyes – colour: pale blue

Burma Star – colour: purple

Captain Thuilleux – colour: cream, carmine bar

Celebration – colour: double bluish white, golden foliage

Comtesse De Bouchaud – colour: mauve pink

Congratulations – colour: frilly pink

Daniel Deronda – colour: purple blue

Denny’s Double – colour: double, lilac mauve

Dorath – colour: white, blue edges

Dr Ruppel – colour: rose, carmine bar

Duchess of Edinburgh – colour: double, white

Elsa Spath – colour: mid blue

Ernest Markham – colour: magenta

Fireworks – colour: blue, petunia red bar

Fond Memories – colour: pinky-white

Fryderyk Chopin – colour: pale blue

Fujimu-Sumi – colour: pale blue

Fuya No-Tabi – colour: white

General Sikorskii – colour: mid blue

Gipsy Queen – colour: violet purple

Guernsey Cream – colour: creamy white

H F Young – colour: wedgewood blue

Hagley Hybrid – colour: pink

Haku-Ookan – colour: deep purple

Hanagaruma – colour: deep pink

Henryi – colour: white

Honora – colour: deep purple

Huldine – colour: white

Jackmanii – colour: dark purple

Jackmanii Alba – colour: double, bluish white

Jackmanii Superba – colour: dark purple

Jeanne’s Pink – colour: pink semi-double

John Paul 11 – colour: white

John Warren – colour: silvery pink

Kaaru – colour: reddish mauve

Lasurstern – colour: blue

Lincoln Star – colour: raspberry pink

Madame Edouard Andre – colour: deep wine red

Marie Boisselot – colour: white

Miss Bateman – colour: white

Monte Cassino – colour: bright red

Mrs Cholmondeley – colour: light blue

Mrs George Jackman – colour: white

Mrs N Thomson – colour: blue, petunia bar

Multi Blue – colour: double purple

Natascha – colour: mauve blue

Nelly Moser – colour: mauve, lilac bar

Niobe – colour: velvety red

North Star – colour: mid blue, deeper bar

Omoshiro – colour: pink/red margins

Perle d’Azur – colour: azure

Piilu – colour: double pink, deeper bar

Proteus – colour: double mauve pink

Pink Champagne – colour: purplish pink

Red Pearl – colour: wine red

Rhapsody – colour: blue

Richard Pennell – colour: deep lavender

Rising Star – colour: purple, yellow anthers

Rouge Cardinal – colour: rich magenta

Romantica – colour: dark purple

Ruutel – colour: deep red

Semu – colour: violet blue

Snow Queen – colour: white

Special Occasions – colour: pale pink

Starlight – colour: freckley, pink stripe

Tae – colour: white pink margins

The President – colour: rich purple

The Vagabond – colour: maroon

The Velvet – colour: purple, cream anthers

Thyrislund – colour: double blue

Veronicas Choice – colour: double, pale lavender

Ville De Lyon – colour: carmine red

Vyvyan Pennell – colour: double, lavender

Wadas Primrose – colour: soft primrose

Warsaw Nike – colour: deep purple

Westerplatte – colour: deep red

Will Goodwin – colour: pale blue

Yatsuhashi – colour: reddish purple, white bar

Floramedia labels now available @ 10p each.



alpina Blue Dancer – colour: large blue

alpina Columbine – colour: pale blue

alpina Francis Rivis – colour: pale blue

alpina Cragside – colour: pinky red

alpina Helsinborge – colour: purple blue

alpina Jacqueline du Pré – colour: mauve pink, silvery edges

alpina Pamela Jackman – colour: deep blue

alpina Ruby – colour: rosy red

alpina White Columbine – colour: white

alpina Willy – colour: pink

Alionushka – colour: cerise pink

Arabella – colour: small, blue

Blue Angel – colour: pale blue

Broughton Bride – colour: single/double white

Chiisanensis Lemon Bells – colour: pale yellow hanging

cirrhosa Balearica (evergreen) - colour: creamy yellow, red freckles

cirrhosa Calycina (evergreen) - colour: cream, red freckles

cirrhosa Freckles (evergreen) - colour: creamy, red freckles

cirrhosa Jingle Bells (evergreen) - colour: white

cirrhosa Lansdowne Gem (evergreen) - colour: red

cirrhosa Wisley Cream (evergreen) - colour: creamy yellow

cirrhosa Ourika Valley – colour: white

Early Sensation (evergreen) - colour: creamy white

Edward Prichard – colour: pale mauve, scented

Eriostemon Heather Herschell - colour: pink

Flammula – colour: white, scented

Fukuzono – colour: mid blue, free flowering

integrifolia Alba – colour: white

integrifolia Pangbourne Pink - colour: pink

integrifolia Pink Ice – colour: deep pink

integrifolia Rosea – colour: small pink

Kaiu – colour: white, texensis shape flower

Koreana Blue Eclipse – colour: blue, cream

Koreana Brunette – colour: purple

Lord Herschell – colour: reddish purple

macropetala – colour: blue

macropetala Albina Plena – colour: double white

macropetala Lagoon – colour: deep blue

macropetala Markhams Pink - colour: pink

macropetala Propertius – colour: scented, mauve pink

macropetala Snowbird – colour: double white

macropetala Wesselton – colour: blue

montana  Alexander – colour: white

montana  Broughton Star – colour: semi-double, pink

montana  Elizabeth – colour: pink, scented

montana  Fragrant Spring – colour: pink, scented

montana  Grandiflora – colour: white

montana  Jacqui – colour: white

montana  Jenny Keay – colour: double white,pink tinge

montana  Marjorie – colour: salmon pink

montana  Mayleen – colour: dark pink

montana  Pink Perfection – colour: pink

montana  Rubens – colour: pink

montana  Tetrarose – colour: dark pink

montana  Warwickshire Rose - colour: mid pink

montana  Wilsonii – colour: white, scented

Odoriba – colour: pink/red

Orientalis Bill Mackenzie – colour: small, yellow

Pamiat Serdtsa – colour: silvery lavender

Prince Charles – colour: mauve blue

Rooguchi – colour: shiny purple blue flowers

Sonnette – colour: peachy colour

Tangutica – colour: yellow

Tangutica Lambton Park – colour: large yellow

Tangutica Helios – colour: yellow

texensis Duchess of Albany - colour: deep pink

texensis Etoile Rose – colour: cerise pink

texensis Gravtye Beauty – colour: crimson

texensis Lady Bird Johnson - colour: dusky red

texensis Princess Diana – colour: small, deep pink

triternata Rubromarginata - colour: rosy purple

viticella Abundance – colour: rosy red

viticella Alba Luxurians – colour: white

viticella Betty Corning – colour: lilac blue

viticella Black Prince – colour: dark purple

viticella Etoile Violette – colour: deep purple

viticella Kermesina – colour: crimson

viticella Madame Julia Correvon - colour: wine red

viticella Mary Rose – colour: double, smokey blue

viticella Minuet – colour: creamy mauve

viticella Polish Spirit – colour: purple

viticella Purpurea Pl Elegans - colour: double, purple

viticella Royal Velours – colour: deep purple

viticella Venosa Violacea – colour: white and purple


J.P. Nurseries,
Pool Meadow, Neen Savage,
Cleobury Mortimer,
Near Kidderminster
DY14 8JU England

Contact James Price: jpnurseries@gmail.com

Tel : +44 (0) 7399 595 754

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